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History Highlights


The Second Church of God traces its origins back to 1925, under the leadership of Elder Patrick Cyrus. However, it wasn't until 1933 that the church began to take shape, with three membergaining permission from Rev. Charles T. Benjamin to establish a new congregation. Located at 1530 New Jersey Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., the church found its second pastor in Elder Edgar Johnson, who served from 1933 until 1967.

Under Elder Johnson's leadership, along with his wife Sister Johnson, the church flourished, building a strong congregation. In 1967, due to Elder Johnson's declining health, he passed the torch to a younger minister, Elder Robert L. Key, Sr. Elder Key along with dedicated members George Jones and Dyer Matthews, embarked on a mission to refurbish the aging church building.

In a major decision in 1980, the church opted to demolish both the old church building and a

newly purchased adjacent property, salvaging the bricks to construct a new edifice. With the

help of brethren from New Jersey, who volunteered their time each weekend, the new church building began to take shape. Elder Key, despite modest means and refusing to accept a salary, dedicated himself to serving the community, and aiding those in need.

Elder Key continued his faithful service until his passing in 1992, leaving a profound legacy of selfless service and compassion for the community. Rev. Wilbert H. DeLaine assumed

leadership until 1995, succeeded by Rev. James Green as interim pastor until 2000. In 2000,

Rev. Theodore R. McClain took over as pastor, serving until his retirement in 2014.

After several interim leaders, including pastors and ministers, Elder Craig B. Key Sr., the

grandson of Elder Robert L. Key Sr., was appointed as pastor in 2017, continuing the legacy of service and dedication established by his predecessors. Throughout its history, the Second Church of God has remained committed to its mission of spiritual growth, community service, and the advancement of the gospel.


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