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History Highlights

  • Over the many decades, Second Church of God evolved as the Church on the Hill. Its foundation began with humble beginnings and hearts of love. These are highlights of SCOG’s ministry.
  • In 1925 Elder Patrick Cyrus began gathering members and received permission by Elder Charles T. Benjamin of the present Third Street Church of God to “start this work.” A mission group was formed and the name Second Church of God was incorporated on March 20, 1936. He pastored from 1925 to 1933.
  • In 1933 Elder Edgar F. Johnson was elected to pastor at Second Church of God. His thirty-four years of pastoring uplifted the community in need. When his health began to fail, Elder Johnson heard God’s call to step aside and let his work continue under a new young pastor. Many of the members returned to the home church known as Third Street. He pastored from 1933 to 1967.
  • In 1967 the new young pastor, Elder Robert L. Key, Sr. joined and became the leader of Second Church of God. He began with only four members. With his faith, membership began to increase. He helped in maintaining Sunday school and formed the first ever elected Board of Trustees. Due to the much needed structural repairs the decision was made to build a new structure. During the construction period (November 1979 to April 1983) Second Church of God relocated to 304 Q Street, NW, Washington, DC. The church moved back and opened its newly renovated doors in May 1983. Getting to know Elder Key was easy. All you had to do was miss church and you received a visit with a knock on the door wanting to know where your smiling face was. He shepherded until his death while the faithful members carried on (1967 to 1992.)
  • Elder Wilbert H. Delaine, during his tenure (1992 to 1995) served Second Church of God with diligence and love. Even though he served for a short while, the congregation was enriched by his faithful service.
  • Elder James Green served as interim pastor from 1995 to 2000. His service was well received.
  • In 2000 the congregation elected Elder Theodore R. McClain to serve as pastor of Second Church of God. He served the congregation with lots of passion and love. He retired in 2014. After welcoming numerous visiting pastors, the congregation began the search for a permanent pastor.
  • God sent us Elder Craig B. Key, Sr. in 2017, Senior Pastor of Living Word Bible Fellowship and grandson of Elder Robert L. Key, Sr.; to lead us into the next century. Pastor Key, being led by the Spirit of God, took on the task of merging both congregations into one….which was no small feat!!! With a passion to see lives changed, he leads, disciples, and preaches with lots of energy, new ideas and a visible passion for God’s work.

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